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A Classic, by Rachel James
When I first started developing the idea for 28mm in 2001, I knew that I wanted to create a website that had an open submission policy. A website that welcomed photography enthusiasts - amateur and professional. I like to think that I did exactly that.

A year after I registered the domain, our first issue went online. The public received the issue warmly. Submissions flooded in. Fourteen issues later the rest is as they say, history.

I believe that it was Derek Powazek that coined the phrase "Labour of Love". 28mm has been every bit of that for me. However, I believe that when you cannot give a website like this your 100%, then it's time to stop. It is a decision that some of you might not understand, but one that I hope you can respect.

It has been my great pleasure showing you just a tenth of the fabulously talented photographers that send in their submissions daily. If you've ever linked to us, sent in a submission, given us monetary support large and small, or have been a faithful visitor, I want to thank you.

It is because of you that 28mm made it this far.

Rachel James, Editor
Please note:
  • We are no longer accepting submissions.
  • 28mm.org, as a domain name and as a site is not for sale. Please don't bother making offers or asking how much I will sell it for. I will not be answering such e-mail.
  • I will not be turning 28mm over to someone else to run.
  • DO NOT send e-mail attachments as they are striped from the e-mail on the server level.
  • Previous issues of 28mm will remain online.
Last modified: Tue Apr 19, 2005